Marco Boi Quintet

I would like to present to you my last and most personal Project: Marco Boi Quintet.

The group members are Marco Losada (Drums), Vicente Pérez (Slide Trombone), Yeray Hernández (Electric Guitar), Leonardo Torres (Trumpet) and Marco Boi (Double bass and Composer).

The quintet represents an important stage in my career, as it was the first time I composed freely, without any concern for adapting the composition to a certain style.

The result has been a mixture of genres that I have been listening to and playing during the last few years.Typical sounds of jazz join most typical rock riffs and obstinatos with certain psychedelic colour.

Another important point was the dynamics of the band. Contrast between the different sections of compositions, cause surprise and tension in the audience.

In addition to the written parts, we’ve all had space to express ourselves as best as we know: Improvising. It is the fundamental element that we like in music we usually play, and what ensures flexibility and allows the compositions be the result of collective effort.


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Marco Boi Quintet