Although I currently live in Barcelona, I was born far from here, exactly at 1148 km, in the city of Cagliari, capital of Sardinia Island.

There I learned to love music and had so much desire to play what I heard in my home. I learned to play the bass in Sardinia, I was lucky enough to play live and to discover the feeling of transmitting what I felt through an instrument, on stage, in front of the audience.

In 2004 I came to Barcelona and here I bought my first Double bass. My musical preferences changed, I had begun to hear jazz: Billie Holiday, Chet Baker, Miles Davis, then came Mingus, Paul Chambers, Dave Holland. Unwittingly, I became passionated about the older brother of the instrument that I was already playing.

Here I was fortunate to learn from the most famous names of the national jazz scene and in a few years, what was initially a hobby it became a way of life and what gives me most satisfaction in my job.

About me